WorldBook Day

We had a brilliant day at The British Library on WorldBook Day March the 5th 2015.

Christina Gabbitas, the passionate author of children’s books, was my latest guest in my business book review series filmed within the Business & Intellectual Property Centre, or BIPC as it is better known.

The BIPC is a special place where many entrepreneurs go to meet others and carry out research into marketing, accountancy, product development, and a whole array of other business related subjects. Most services are free so if you’re thinking of creating a business why not come and have a look around?

Now you might ask what a children’s author has in common with business development? Well quite a lot actually!

Firstly, there’s the fact that to be a successful author you need to understand book sales. There’s no point writing something that the world should know about without first knowing how to market the book you have written. Without sales you do not have a business, and in the case of an author that means that those wonderful words you have written do not reach their intended audience.

Christina Gabbitas shows all the traits of a successful entrepreneur. She is passionate, she researches her market thoroughly, she is prepared to actively market herself to make sure her product reaches it’s intended audience, and most importantly, she delivers a product (in her case a book) which contains her heart and soul and does exactly what it says it will do. It is honest.

It’s important to remember that all entrepreneurs were children once, and most developed a vivid imagination in their childhood. All things are firstly created in the mind and that includes successful businesses too!

Sir Richard Branson firstly imagined Virgin as a successful enterprise before it became so. Lord Sugar will have seen in his minds eye a successful Apprentice long before his famous TV show became reality, and I certainly visualise all my businesses in my minds eye long before they start taking shape.

Imagination and visualisation are important tools in an entrepreneurs toolbox and are often developed in childhood. Passionate and dedicated children’s book authors like the enormously talented Christina Gabbitas,who has now written lots of increasingly famous books, including Felicity Fly, which is written in rhyme, Roald Dahl, who wrote hugely successful books such as, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, and the wonderful, but sadly deceased, Dick King Smith, author of around one hundred titles, including Babe & Sophie’s Snail, play a huge part in positively developing young minds to visualise and think for themselves. Traits essential to emerging entrepreneurs who will go onto to be our next generation of business and political leaders.

The subject of this particular review was another talented and strong woman, Karren Brady, or Baroness Brady as she is now known.

To read my review please click here…

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