Winning Ways with Websites… with Leon Fear

Leon Fear oversees Fear Group’s property interests and looks for new strategic land opportunities in the UK in both the residential and commercial sectors. Fear Group was founded in 1969 as an industrial chemical manufacturer and distributor and has evolved into a multifaceted international business, focusing on corporate and property acquisitions and investments with interests in many sectors including green technology, affordable housing, manufacturing, hotels, property investment, student accommodation and the care industry.


As someone who likes technology as a means to making life easier, rather than as an academic exercise, easy to navigate sites that function properly and quickly is key from my perspective.

As technology improves and there are more and more options for web designers, some websites have become over complicated and clunky to use, so I am seeking easy-to-use websites that are quick and simple on mobile devices as increasingly I’m using my iPhone for almost everything.


The best piece of advice I’ve been given is to keep you website concise and always include clear contact details.

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