What’s your GamePlan

I was recently privileged to join well known financial journalist, presenter, and facilitator, Declan Curry on the panel of Lloyds Bank GamePlan event in Bristol.

GamePlan is all about engaging with the national business community and encouraging conversation that enables entrepreneurs and SME businesses to evolve a GamePlan of their own that helps them prosper, especially post Brexit!

It my opinion it is a well thought out and helpful programme of events produced by a major British bank which is involving itself very successfully in Britain’s business community.

GamePlan is thought provoking and positive which is why I agreed to be on the panel. I would encourage anyone invited to attend future events as guests to do so.

Post Brexit it is essential that everyone, government, the banking community, entrepreneurs & businesses of all types understand the opportunities which may exist by exporting to places as diverse as China, India, and the USA.

Business doesn’t start or end at our border with the European Union, however important our future relationship with  Brussels may be.

As I say, opportunities exist to trade with the rest of the world. We are a very old and successful trading nation & it should be remembered that despite our smaller population and geographical size, our economy is larger than that of Russia! Something often conveniently forgotten, or in many cases not even known in the first place!

GamePlan, however, offers much more than opinion on Brexit. It seeks to find answers to many other conundrums of business and with Declan as facilitator you can be sure worthwhile questions are raised on many topics. He wasn’t the anchor for the BBC Radio 5, On The Money, Programme, for nothing, and is one of Britain’s pre-eminent financial journalists.

Incidentally Lloyds Bank actively support Children In Need and offer match funding at all these events so if you are lucky enough to be invited please give generously to this hugely worthwhile cause.

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