What is the importance of business for Georgia – the lecture of the British entrepreneur will be held in Tech Park

An article was published on Georgian Marketer.ge website on 15th October 2018. Please see a translation below, please click here to view the original article.


On 15th of October at 18:30, the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of the Technologies of Innovations and Technologies (Okrokana, Innovations St. 7), famous British businessman and philanthropist Stephen Fear will hold a public lecture on “Importance of Business and Entrepreneurship for Georgia” (The Importance of Enterprise for Georgia). Technopark informs that anyone can attend the lecture, but it is mainly designed for business representatives, students and start-up entrepreneurs.

According to organizers of the event, Stephen Fear will discuss concrete examples of how to create a successful business from the idea and give practical advice to the audience – how to start a new business and improve existing activities. He will also talk about how an entrepreneur of any age can succeed and contribute to the economic development of the country.

Stephen Fear is an English entrepreneur, businessman, philanthropist and author of about fifty-year international business experiences. Fear is often referred to as a “phonebox millionaire”. Today, Fear is leading its own real estate empire and is interested in various industries, including green technologies, hotels, housing and accommodation. Stephen Fear is the founder and chairman of Fear Group. This is an international organization run by his son, Leon Walker. Fear Group is interested in promoting strategic land area, development of international property and investing.

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