Transient Housing or Community Spirit?



For some time Fear Group have been involved in property as many of you will know, but we have a particular appetite for land suitable for the development of affordable housing at the moment in our Ethical Homes arm.

Affordable housing is often looked upon as a thorn in the side for many developers but regardless of how it is viewed, one thing that is certain is that it is necessary, and becoming increasingly so, so brushing it under the Axminster isn’t an option.

The housing requirements of every member of society is a responsibility that we should all take seriously because one way or another it affects all members of the community.

Without good quality homes for people to live in, whether they are renting or owning them, at a level that is truly affordable, leads to social breakdown in some instances, when people don’t feel secure and don’t respect their environment. It is a two way street but without the firm foundations of a secure home (excuse the pun) then the basis for a sustained community that contributes to society, rather than drains it, is severely affected in my opinion.

Creating communities instead of transient housing is critical in my view to the long term success of the housing sector, at all levels. People often say they don’t want green fields built upon, or that they don’t want tall buildings in our cities, but with an ever increasing population unless we go up and out in certain areas then the end result will continue to be a lack of adequate housing and a surge in prices, making it ever more difficult for first time buyers to make the step to owning their own home, and rents at a level that push communities apart in some instances as people move further and further afield from their friends and families in a bid to find affordable accomodation.

There has to be compromise somewhere and in some cases developing on the edge of towns and villages and building taller buildings in our cities is the only way to create the housing we all need, although much more can also be done to develop brownfield sites and government owned disused or inappropriately used land but this alone is not the only answer to the challenges we face as a nation with an estimated population by some accounts in the UK of 78M by 2037.




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