The Last Piece of the Jigsaw

As we approach the implementation of Article 50, whereby we will see the beginning of the UK’s separation from its ties with EU, what does this mean for the property market and, in particular, housing?

Whether we as a nation are part of the EU or not, people still need homes but it’s how we go about delivering them that’s the key.

The government White Paper published last week suggests a number of methods in an attempt to help deliver the housing the country needs but we really need to start thinking outside the box to allow some more creative methods to come through, perhaps even some ideas from those who don’t traditionally work in the industry?

Generally I support the ideas of encouraging modular construction methods which can help speed up delivery, along with more dense developments being allowed in cities and towns where the existing infrastructure can support it. This is just common sense really because, if there’s a train station, bus route and good road network that has capacity, focusing on those locations for new developments reduces strain elsewhere, although other aspects such as schools and healthcare facilities also need to be carefully considered so as not to add strain on already stretched services in many areas but, in general, this is a sensible policy in my view.

At Fear Group we are always looking for new sites and opportunities as well as ideas that can help shape the industry so please get in touch if you have something that you’d like to discuss.


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