Tangents and the Importance of Lateral Thought!


Over the years I’ve heard many corporately minded people and managers criticise entrepreneurs for going off on tangents in meetings etc, but tangents indicate lateral thought and it is often that thought process which creates exceptional opportunity.

I am not talking about someone with a butterfly mind here! To be successful it is essential to remain on the flower long enough for it to pollinate!

Funnily enough much of this criticism is spouted by people who themselves are good managers but have created little original content. If Richard Branson hadn’t gone off on tangents he would still be playing Tubilar Bells by Mike Oldfield instead of creating airlines, railways and many other enterprises. It doubtful that he would have made anywhere near as much money in my opinion either!

I have been in meetings chaired by people who insist on sticking to the agenda and I of course understand the need to do this, at least to some extent,but retaining the ‘magic’ of lateral thought is essential for real progress to be made.

Amar Rashid @IAMGAFA asked me recently what business I would go into if I was starting today? It’s an interesting question for which I have a definite answer. My concentration would be on the Internet because I don’t think we have touched the sides yet in what can be achieved. There is a huge amount of money to be made and it can all be done from virtually any location.

The beauty of the Internet is that it’s possible to create a business with nothing more than a laptop and internet connection.

The future will offer many opportunities to entrepreneurs including areas such as, Robotics, food production, water purification etc.

Water is a valuable resource and much underestimated by many people in the West, where easy access has become the norm.

I will be holding a seminar at The British Library Conference Centre on the 17th of March starting at 9.30am so any of you who would like to attend please keep an eye on The British Library website where details will be announced shortly. Details will also be on Feargroup.com I will also post a blog and tweet details in due course.

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