Talking Books – Live At The Arnolfini

On 29th September 2016, Stephen Fear and a panel of experts took part in Talking Books live at the Arnolfini where the subject was China and its ongoing relationship with the United Kingdom.

Talking Books uses a book as the anchor for a wider discussion of the topic, rather than a conversation about the book itself.

The book used as the anchor for the discussion was ‘One Billion Customers’ written by James McGregor, who was a previous head of The Wall Street Journal, China, and The Dow Jones, China.

With Stephen Fear as the host, the panel experts were:

  • Professor Jane Harrington, Deputy Vice Chancellor & Provost, The University of the West of England.
  • Debbie Wilcox, Leader Newport City Council
  • David Parkinson Chairman, DPS Global

All were marvellous panelists who brought great expertise, intelligence and common sense to the discussion.

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