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When the Huffington Post first mentioned that Christina Huffington, daughter of founder Arianna, had conceived the brilliant notion of a video series about parents being interviewed by their children I was positively struck by the idea.

Families are the bedrock of society. In an ideal circumstance they form a stable base from which children can emerge to create a better quality of life for themselves and communities everywhere.

Of course not all families are the same. In many third world countries not only do children lose their parents to things like HIV infection, war, and other life threatening situations but it should be remembered that most of the world goes hungry daily while we in the west argue about the benefits of one political system over another.

I am a firm advocate of democratic free enterprise as the only system that can deliver lasting wealth and prosperity to the world’s citizens but those of us that have any form of success owe it to those who haven’t to give them a hand to fulfil their lives in their own way too.

This is one of the life lessons I learnt which was discussed when my son Leon interviewed me for the Huffington Post during the early part of 2016.

Our interview which was conducted in the UK was our usually impromptu off the cuff and immediate response to a request. We didn’t plan it or have anyone holding a camera. We merely stuck my iPad on a nearby table and set it to record. The result is what you see, warts and all!

As I hadn’t slept for 20 hours leading up to the recording due to travel and workload I was tired so forgive me if it looked like I might drop off to sleep at times. It really wasn’t the questions that did it!

Communication with ones children is vital. My own childhood wasn’t easy in that my parents divorced when I was four years old after a difficult and sometimes violent relationship.

I lived sometimes with my Dad in a one bedroom council flat in Bristol UK & often with my Mum in a small touring caravan located in a field in Wiltshire. We never toured you understand because we didn’t own a car. Anyway I doubt the caravan would have stood the test of being towed if we had!

My parents never spoke for the rest of their lives so from the age of about five I was the conduit for any type of communication they needed over my welfare or anything else come to that matter. It taught me a lot about human behaviour, and sometimes misbehaviour too!

As I often say, communication is the key to so much in life. The way world leaders communicate with each other generally affects whether wars erupt rather than peaceful negotiation.

Conversation is an essential element of learning so taking part in Christina’s brilliant idea was something that really appealed.

As my own childhood was far from ideal and was, primarily due to my serious hyperactivity at the time, punctuated by periods spent alone and on the street. I learnt that the city after dark is no place for a lone child!

I suppose largely because of this I have always tried my best to discuss things with both my son Leon and my daughter Alexandra. Their happiness is my happiness, their problems are my problems, their successes are my successes. It’s that simple.

Fortunately I am also blessed with several godchildren. Some people say that I have more godchildren than Don Corleone! His probably did what he told them though!!

Talk to Me is a wonderful series which shows parent/child relationships as they really are!

I am very fortunate that the universe delivered me two children both of whom I love very much so I’m grateful to The Huffington Post for allowing me the opportunity to be interviewed by one of them.

One thing that I have learned in my years on this wonderful planet is that the more you give of yourself the more you receive for yourself. I don’t mean financially, but certainly spiritually.

Karma is created by a mindful goodwill toward others and showing kindness when often it’s easier not to.

Talk to Me has lots of content so watch a few of the interviews and make your own mind up about people like Richard and Sam Branson, Oprah Winfrey and her beautiful daughters, Nkosi Mabaso, Zimkita Mpumpula, Palesa Mokoena and some of the other amazing people featured in the raw as it were! It’s fascinating.

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