The Homeless Go In Two by Two

I visited an Ark this week! Rather than Noah as captain though this ark’s leader goes by the name of Dani Nash. Based on dry land in Stroud this ship of hope is designed to stop young people sinking, not in a sea of water, but in a sea of despair.…

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Serial Killings – How Stephen Fear made millions from building and selling companies – Cover story of New Business Magazine Winter 2014

Stephen Fear is a hard man to pin down. Not physically – that was relatively painless – but in terms of positioning. He has so many interests and activities going on, spanning business, charity and a wider belief in encouraging entrepreneurism, that it’s almost impossible to put a label on him. His…

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The Phonebox Millionaire Becomes Patron of Homeless Charity Emmaus Doctor Stephen Fear who is often referred to as “The Phonebox Millionaire” due to the way he created his first business aged 14 from a Phonebox on a Bristol Council Estate has become a patron of the charity Emmaus it was…

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