Sustainable Development

We have said many times that we believe in prioritising development close to railway stations and sustainable infrastructure, and this is particularly the case when it comes to building new homes.

As pressure increases on all transport infrastructure across the UK, looking to increase density of housing near to existing and planned railway stations is absolute common sense.

In reality, a mix of transport solutions is needed, and even in cities where cars are gradually being pushed or priced out for many people, private transport is still needed as I can’t think of a transport system anywhere in the UK, including London, which would work if everyone were to give up their cars and all adopt public transport!

Walking and cycling where possible for many is a great way to get around, but not always practical. If you’re travelling to half a dozen places in different parts of the country for example, this doesn’t really work and equally, if you’re a plumber you can’t carry all your tools on a bike easily.

The existing systems couldn’t cope without a mix of solutions, and for many people their private car, van or lorry is crucial to their job or business so they shouldn’t be penalised unfairly in my view. Motorists also contribute a huge sum to the exchequer! We live in a democracy and are very fortunate to have a choice in what we do. This includes transport!

Fear Group are currently acquiring land close to railway stations and firmly believe in creating as much housing in these locations as possible, which will help ease congestion, pollution and make people’s lives easier so, you if you own or know of anything, please get in touch with Leon via – Fees available for introductions that lead to successful completion.

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