Fear Group specialises in identifying land suitable for the future development of housing, including affordable homes, retail, commercial and mixed use developments primarily across the UK.

We work in partnership with landowners where appropriate and have a track record approaching 50 years in successfully handling planning applications ranging from individual housing plots to £100M plus mixed use developments.

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Every application is different and requires patience. We work in cooperation with government departments and local residents and always engage with the community by holding public consultation meetings in order for everyone with an interest in the proposals to see the plans and express their views. This helps avoid the need for costly and unnecessary Appeals and often shortens the time frame between application and approval. Along with our appointed professional team of consultants, Stephen and Leon personally attend all public consultation meetings.

Often local communities are excluded from the design process but we make sure they understand the proposals and incorporate their needs wherever possible.

With a record low number of new homes being built we seek to unlock land which is suitable for development, preferring brownfield sites wherever possible however we work extensively with the rural community where housing need is acute, particularly with first time buyers often struggling to buy within their communities.

If you are a landowner, agent or know of an opportunity which you would like to discuss with us in confidence please contact