Sir David Jason – A legend in his own lifetime

Over the years I have met many people who have impressed me including various members of international royalty, two former U.S. presidents and a potential future one. But never have I wanted to meet someone who many British people consider ‘family’ more than I have David Jason!
Last night in my home City of Bristol I enjoyed that privilege when Leon and I had drinks and nibbles with David who is without doubt, in my mind at least, Britain’s greatest living character actor and possibly the best ever.
Sir David entertained us with some wonderful anecdotes from “Only Fools and Horses” telling us that the chandelier sketch was one of his favourite.
A man who can effortlessly go from being Inspector Frost, to Del Boy, to being the voice of Danger Mouse, is someone with a depth of talent which should have gained more international recognition. Hollywood missed out!
This genuinely talented man had time for all the specially invited guests and finished off the evening by dusting the boot of my new car on the way out!
A true legend in every sense I half expected him to say “cushdie” as he used his sleeve in a mock cleaning exercise before waving goodbye to Leon and I, getting in his own car, and heading for home.
Before anyone asks he wasn’t driving himself, after one or two glasses of red with us all he obeyed the law and sat in the back. Inspector Frost would have been proud of him!

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