President Hillary Clinton

Will the World see the first woman US President in 2016?

Clintons intellect and political connections,plus her growing popularity across the nation will in my opinion see her defeat Joe Biden and any other contenders to win the Democratic nomination which will then leave her only to defeat the Republicans to become President.

Frankly the Republicans have become a bit of a joke in recent years with the press reporting that even Donald Trump might run. Leading the free World is a serious business & needs to be approached in a serious way. Whilst I don’t doubt ‘The Donalds’ ability to run his own businesses I am not keen to see him negotiating with despots like Kim Jung-un of North Korea who if he is still around in 2016 will only be 32 years old.

Prior to Obamas first election victory Leon & I were in Naples, Florida & lost count of the number of cars and trucks displaying the sign “Anyone but Hillary” a direct slight against Clinton but times have changed & given her head under the Obama administration her political emergance has been steady and assured.

In a recent speech Clinton described womens rights as the ” great unfinished business of the 21st century” an opinion which I happen to agree with. It is ridiculous to judge someone in a general way based on the colour of their skin or what sex they are, just as it is about their sexual orientation or which sports team they support.

A recent artcle in The Sunday Times said that over 80% of Democrates believe that Hillary Clinton will lead them into the next election and that nearly 70% of Republicans believe she will win it. I think they are probably right.

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