Power by the People for the People

To The Rt Hon David Cameron, Prime Minister
10 Downing Street

Dear Prime Minister,

Whilst in the south of France this week I have been reading French and German perspectives regarding the forthcoming EU referendum in the United Kingdom.

It is clear they all want us to remain part of The EU more than we might think! One report I read said that “It was totally unthinkable that The EU could survive without the United Kingdom being part of it”.

Following your astounding general election victory which amazed even some of your close friends, you have proved good to your word in getting on with the business of delivering on promises you made to the British electorate. Including holding this much needed referendum.

This may come as a surprise to many people but not to me. As someone who has followed your career with interest I have always felt that you do for the country what you genuinely consider in its best interest, even if it isn’t always in yours. That sadly isn’t necessarily the case with some other politicians.

In my opinion we must remain within The EU only providing our partners in the project understand that we will walk away if the terms you outline aren’t met.

I believe firmly that the power to walk away is the most potent tool in anyone’s negotiating armoury, providing the threat to do so is genuine. Whether it’s an individual in a bad relationship or a nation such as ours – the power to walk away is the nuclear weapon of negotiation. Once fired it cannot be cancelled.

To use this deterrent effectively it is essential the other side understand that we will use this weapon if our reasonable terms aren’t met, so my message to you, and humble request, is that you firmly make our partners fully understand that we aren’t playing games here. This isn’t some sort of political Game of Thrones! Please tell Mr Junker and his colleagues we mean it and not to confuse our national disposition to be polite with that of weakness. Hitler made that mistake!

Kindness is a virtue, not a weakness, whether it is enacted by a nation state or an individual and our partners must understand the United Kingdom’s natural desire for fair play. We pretty much invented the word. But we are not fools.

As I say the power to walk away is a potent option when used with diplomacy and tact so please tell our partners that we like them, we are keen to remain in the ‘club’ but we definitely need some of the rules redrafted to reflect fair play.

Please don’t confuse UKIPs poor election result with the British people being happy with our current arrangements because I can assure you that from a street perspective they are not.

Unfortunately if you are unable to convince Jean-Claude Junker, Angela Merkel and co that the power to walk away is an option that you will genuinely use, then they will just play games with you. We may need them to a certain extent, but no more than they need us.

Great Britain has punched above its weight since the doomsday book. We are the world’s oldest existing democracy. By their own admission our partners on the continent need such a powerful nation to be part of it. From their perspective more than ours a Europe not including one of its most relevant nations is unthinkable.

Power By The People For The People and regardless of what Mr Junker and co may think our people want change, NOW, or we will walk away.

Dr Stephen Fear


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