Our two top flight universities are crucial in preparing students for hi-tech industrial jobs

I was at The University of the West of England last week, looking at the new building for the faculty of business and law taking shape.

Watching the final touches being put to this building made me think how far UWE, and indeed Bristol, has come over the last 30 years.

Bristol University has always had a special place in the higher education offer provided within the UK, and has consistently been in the top ten universities.
It has many famous alumni, including comedian David Walliams, singer/songwriter James Blunt and former head of MI5, until 2013, Lord Evan.

UWE on the other hand is a newer university, coming as it has from a polytechnic origin. However, how things change!

Students wishing to study business and law and many other subjects should really take a look at what UWE has to offer.

Beside some well thought out courses and state of the art facilities there is also a new student village with campus based facilities such as shops, cafes and supermarkets.

Buses run regularly into the city centre, and Parkway railway station is close by, therefore connecting Frenchay Campus with national and international travel.

Bristol may not have a Premier League football team yet but it certainly has two premiership universities, that’s for sure!

Developing courses relevant to future employment needs is essential, if the United Kingdom is to compete globally, post Brexit.

With the advancing robotics sciences developing across the world it is gratifying to know that Bristol is set to play a leading role in its development.
The robotics laboratory based at UWE, is a collaboration between Bristol’s two universities, proving the theory in my opinion that two heads are better than one.

As the world moves into an advanced digital age it is essential we, as a nation, keep pace. Robotics will be at the forefront of this revolution. Driverless cars are with us already and it won’t be many years before they are on every road in Britain.

It wasn’t that many years ago when mobile phones seemed something that happened in sci-fi movies, but now it’s hard finding anyone without one. What’s more they are now mini computers with more computing power in your hand than could be found in Whitehall 40 years ago!

There’s no doubt about it, further education is key if we are to enable young people to fill jobs that will emerge from this developing and exciting science.

Both The University of The West of England and Bristol University are well placed to provide the first class education needed by students from around the world if they are to truly compete in an emerging international job market.

Students love the diversity of places like Gloucester Road and Clifton Village, both with their own unique identity.

The Harbourside and its vibrancy also ranks high on their lists of favourite places to spend time in Bristol. Diversity is the essence of Bristol! A city older than Moscow and with a huge future in front of it.

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