Nick Clegg as a potential Prime Minister


Nick Clegg has recently said that he would still like to be Prime Minister one day which brings into focus  his leadership ability and vision.

In my opinion Nick Clegg is a nice & honest man who is well suited to his role as an understudy but would not make a good Prime Minister.

Leading a Country is a whole different ball game to supporting someone else that does, and needs the skill and tenacity to stand up to both big business and the unions and in my opinion Clegg just doesnt have that ability.

I doubt that he will lead his own party after the next election never mind become Prime Minister.

For my part I just wish that all the main party’s would stop squabbling and trying to score petty triumphs and pull together for the good of the Nation. A real coalition was in place during the Second World War and I grow increasingly concerned that the main political leaders have failed to recognise that we are currently in two wars at the moment, the first being economical and the second being the one against the drug barons who are wrecking the lives of so many young people.

Would Nick Clegg have the drive, tenacity & political following to take on big business, the unions, powerful drug barons and the economic downturn? in my opinion the answer is definately not. Without doubt he would be torn apart by all the above and devoured by the Conservative & Labour leaders in a mutual banquet.

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