New Housing Development by Fear Group on Old Sainsburys Site

NEWS that a developer was to transform the current derelict site which was once home of a Sainsbury’s store in Newport attracted significant interest from our readers.

Now the flesh is being added to the bones of that proposal. And it does appear that the plans will totally transform the site which is on one of the main routes into the city.

The Fear Group, which is investing at least £60m into the development, says it aims to create student accommodation, residential homes and a hotel.

The plans will also include a convenience store, doctors’ surgery and pharmacy and a dentist. Dozens of people turned out to the public consultation exercise at the weekend and the overall feeling was very positive.

Not only will this plan transform a current eyesore of a site, it is also further proof that Newport is growing both as a city and in confidence. Developers like The Fear Group are attracted to Newport precisely because of all the other development and regeneration work already being undertaken.

This is one of the positive spin-offs of the original plan to create a new shopping centre in Friars Walk.

As we have long argued, part of the beauty of that project is not just in the creation of a vibrant shopping centre in Newport, it is in the catalyst effect it is so obviously having in encouraging and attracting wider investment across the city.


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