Nelson Mandela


Born in 1918 Nelson Mandela became first a schoolboy, then a lawyer and subsequently a revolutionary, but never in my opinion a terrorist.

Always someone who wanted peace and fairness above all else Mandela became an inspiration to millions around the World. Hopefully his memory will continue to be so.

Without him modern South Africa couldn’t even be imagined. Becoming the Country’s first black president gave as much a lift to oppressed black communities around the World as did that of President Obama in America.

It’s not what colour you are that counts but what type of person you become that matters.

Judging someone by the colour of their skin or by what religion they believe in belongs in the history books and in my opinion is today only really practiced by the ignorant or misinformed.

Unfortunately though, Nelson Mandela is no longer here in person to continue to mediate between factions and preach tolerance in the aftermath. I hope South Africa doesn’t slip into anarchy and I for one remain positive about this beautiful country.

Mandela was an Xhosa speaker and member of the Themba Royal family. Other notable Xhosa speakers are Desmond Tutu and Thabo Mbecki.

Many Xhosa also speak Zulu, English and possibly Afrikaans.

Although of Royal descent,In the African tradition, none of Mandela’s family had ever been to school, in fact his first name Nelson was given to him by his teacher on his first day at an English speaking school.

Who would have thought then that this naturally happy little boy from the Eastern Cape would grow up to be the most balanced and significant leader of the last nine decades and one of the truly great leaders in history, with a power to forgive that has brought tears of joy to the eyes of millions.

RIP Nelson Mandela born 18th July 1918 Died December 5th 2013.

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