NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2018

Family businesses contribute hugely to Britain’s economy with around two thirds of businesses in the UK being family owned, that’s almost 5 million businesses, so I’m proud to be part of one started by my father in 1969.

We’ve moved on a bit since the early days of my Dad wheeling and dealing which resulted in his first major venture, a commercial cleaning business started from a red telephone box on the Council estate he was brought up on in Bristol.

Having sold this business aged 19 he went in to property, buying and selling and renovating flats and houses all over Bristol and later far beyond.

Property is very much at the core of our business today and having started my own small business at school, was something I always wanted to be involved in as I grew up, resulting in me deciding not to go to University and to get straight into business.

From a young age I used to go out with Dad looking for land, walking over building sites and sitting in meetings and I just took it in.

As soon as I could drive I was out looking at land relentlessly and did over 60,000 miles in the first year I had a licence. I expect I’ve done more miles than Jeremy Clarkson and Phileas Fogg combined!

Growing up our dog was called Freeway because he was always in the back of the Range Rover, even at home he’d stay in the car with the boot open waiting for the next trip!

I’m extremely grateful to have been shortlisted for the Family Business Entrepreneur of the Year at the NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards.

It came as quite a surprise as I think, like many business owners, I’m busy every day running and expanding our business and hadn’t really given much thought to being considered for an award!

I’m up against some stiff competition that’s for sure so thanks again for whoever voted for me to get this far.

I wish all finalists in all categories the very best for the awards which are held in November 2018.

In the meantime, our search for land and property throughout the UK continues so take a look at our current requirements here.

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