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Everyone enjoys a pat on the back, whether it’s for winning an Olympic Gold, as British distance runner Sir Mo Farah has on four separate occasions, or by winning Wimbledon as another Britain, Sir Andy Murray famously did in 2013.

Both men have won many titles and a raft of other medals of course, making them internationally famous and presumably financially very wealthy at the same time.

In business, entrepreneurs like winning too!

People often assume that entrepreneurs set out purely to make money, but I don’t think this is necessarily true. Without doubt money is often the anchor motivator for many but it is usually only one of many motivators that result in huge success.

Sustained success in any field requires huge effort, focus, dedication and, of course, talent too. A little bit of luck can help but it is unlikely that anyone who has achieved success in any field over a long period has done it by luck alone.

I don’t think that Mo or Andy were lucky. I believe that dedication to their sport, mixed with determination, focused effort and natural talent are the main reasons they are now at the very top of their individual worlds. Yes, luck will have played a small part, perhaps they escaped major injury before an event and went on to win on that particular day but they would have won the next event anyway-such is the nature of winners.

Ask any successful entrepreneur and he or she will tell you of days they had flu or felt ill and still went to work. Many work 100 hour weeks for years on end too! Entrepreneurs have no employment contracts and there is no sick or holiday pay in their domain!

Britain needs these mavericks of business to create the thousands of jobs and prosperity our economy requires.

I am often asked to judge business events around the world and am always careful which ones I accept, purely because the award has to really mean something to be truly worthwhile so the quality of the sponsor matters immensely.

NatWest, one of Britain’s leading banks assisting the creation of better businesses for Britain, asked me to be a judge for the Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2017, an honour I was pleased to accept due to the quality of the sponsor. Britain needs its entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs need financial institutions to understand their needs. In my opinion, NatWest are focused on doing this.

As I have said above, awards are important because being an entrepreneur can be lonely at times, especially during startup. Being recognised by ones peers as having achieved something worthwhile is ‘almost’ as important as the overall success of the venture itself.

When I received a lifetime achievement award in 2014 I was genuinely shocked! I had no idea I was going to receive it, especially in front of 500 people and immediately looked around for my dad. He wasn’t there of course because he had died thirty years before but nonetheless I knew he was there in spirit. Such is the effect Awards can have, even on someone who has been in business for nearly 50 years!

I hope to catch up with many old friends and make some new ones during the process of judging the cream of Britain’s entrepreneurs at #GBEA in October this year.

In the wake of Brexit these are the businesses which will go onto create thousands of British jobs in new and innovative ways.

They fully deserve our support and recognition. For more information, please click here to visit the NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2017 website.

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