My Next Book Review Broadcast from The University of West Of England

My February book review which was recorded direct from the British Library should be in our news section under “Book Reviews” by this coming Monday so check it out if you are interested in Social Media or creating a digital business. We recorded the programme in the Business & IP Centre which definately needs checking out if you are researching a business idea. The Busines & IP Centre have dedicated staff who will do all they can to point you in the right direction so get in touch.

As I say we are filming from UWE on March the 13th with the subject being import/export and international trade. I review four books every month with one of the reviewed authors coming into the studio. My March review will take place in front of a live audiance for the first time with many present being MBA students, Professors & other academics & lecturers. UWE is a brilliant place and a hive of academic activity with a superb business education programme available to international students so is a fitting place for a review of this type.

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