My Interview for MUTV

I was surprised to receive a phone call from documentary film maker John Gubba and the team at MUTV, the official Manchester United television channel during October last year. John asked whether I would be interested in giving a thirty minute interview about my life and love of Manchester United FC.

We discussed what the show was about and I said that I was certainly interested. It was called “In Conversation With Stephen Fear” and first aired on MUTV on March 30th 2017.

I have always supported Man U. Ever since I was very young they have been the only team for me.

Although born in Bristol and brought up between there and rural Wiltshire, I loved the magic which surrounded the club. It wasn’t just that they won things, it was the whole way of playing the game that I loved. Swashbuckling and forward thinking with a positive we can do it attitude was, and is, inspirational. For me, Old Trafford is without doubt the theatre of dreams.

My mother was born north of Stoke on Trent and many of my relatives lived in or around Manchester, they were all United fans so I became a supporter by osmosis.

Munich Air Disaster

I was five when the Munich Air Disaster happened and I remember everyone talking about how the brilliant young Busby Babes team of that era had been decimated. Manchester was in shock, as was the world of football generally.

My interest in, and love of all things Man U began in earnest around that time. My mind became saturated with thoughts of the great Duncan Edwards and of course Bobby Charlton who became my schoolboy hero. Bobby seemed so much older than me then but as the years have gone on our ages seem to have become closer somehow. Divided by a huge gap of footballing talent but brought back together by the club we both love.

My Dad bought me a pair of Bobby Charlton football boots when I was about nine. It was during this year that I first saw a match at Old Trafford. I will never forget walking to the ground desperate to get there, scared something might happen and being told I couldn’t go.

I have many happy memories of Old Trafford. Beating Arsenal 8-2 was one. Winning 9-0 against Ipswich Town was another. When my daughter and I watched Andy Cole score 5 goals.

There has been heartache too! The worst being the 6-1 defeat against our arch rivals City, when my son Leon and I sat with friends devastated by what was unfolding in front of us. Many people talk about Liverpool as being our greatest rivals but for me winning against City always takes top slot. They have a great side now so next seasons title race will be tough. I am tipping United to win it though, against tough opposition from Chelsea, Tottenham and of course Manchester City.

John Gubba asked at the time whether I would be in Manchester in the coming weeks, but because of work schedules and foreign business trips it was agreed that he would bring the production team to Bristol where we filmed my interview for the channel on Bristol Harbourside. Anyone interested in seeing it will need to subscribe to MUTV. We were shocked by how many million viewers the channel attracts worldwide. Some reports suggested 109 Million which is astounding.

Anyway, many thanks to John and the whole crew at official MUTV and Manchester United FC. They were outstandingly professional and humorous. There’s nothing like football banter and optimism. One of the crew admitted to being a Birmingham City fan but as with all football fans we all pull together when there’s a job to be done. Munich proved that when the football world all pulled together to make sure that Manchester United rose from the disaster and became a powerful force in football once more.

Football does so much good for communities and many United players and players from many other clubs adopt charities where their fame and some of their fortune goes to good causes.

Whichever team you support, good luck in your next game. Unless of course it’s against Manchester United.


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