Monday’s Free Tip

tabletI have written before about how I organise myself and have created a system to reduce mundane tasks so that they are dealt with automatically so that I am then left with the more exciting job of finding new opportunities.

One thing I learnt very early on is that paperwork seldom goes away on its own and the longer you leave it the worse it gets, so automating how you deal with it is essential if, like me, you prefer doing deals rather than paperwork shuffling.

I allocate one full day every week to deal with what I call ‘office stuff’. It doesn’t matter where I am in the world -that one full day, which in my case means 14 hours, is spent clearing my desk.

Thanks to modern technology this no longer means that I need to be in my office, because I have digitised my administration so that I can just as easily work from France or the United States as I can from the UK.

My tip this week is to focus on your laptop or tablet if you want real freedom. Once you have created a truly paperless office it goes everywhere with you.

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