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Sales and Marketing are two distinct disciplines, joined together at the hip as it were!

Marketing is about making customers aware of your existence, selling is making sure those same customers, who are now aware, actually buy your product or service.

Generic Marketing creates general awareness of your company or product. Focused Marketing points consumers toward one specific product or service that you offer or are promoting at that time.

Selling is completing the process by further explanation and then receiving payment.

Small to Medium size enterprises, or SMEs, as they are commonly known, often waste huge amounts of money on generic marketing when what they really need to do is drive sales by using focused campaigns supported by professional sales closing techniques.

Where possible always try to link your generic name promotion with a product or service that will produce revenue for your business. Not to do so wastes an opportunity to maximise your cashflow and allow your business to expand. Focused marketing can often turn your business from loss making to being profitable.

Advertising is expensive, with full page colour adverts in national newspapers and magazines often costing almost as much as a small house in Liverpool! Use your budget to maximum effect by focusing your marketing to drive sales rather than just promote your name.

I often see company names displayed on billboards at sporting events and other places. Many do not list a phone number, email address or even website! This is terrible marketing and a complete waste of money unless you are already a major international brand like Coca Cola, Rolls Royce or Rolex but even they usually list their website & contact details.


“REMEMBER, WITHOUT SALES YOU DO NOT HAVE A BUSINESS” Never forget that! FOCUS ON SALES & tailor all your marketing and other efforts toward it. To do otherwise you risk the future prosperity of your business!

Watch out for next week’s FREE TIP to discover one thing which could double your turnover!

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