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Avoid This Common Mistake

One of the most common mistakes new entrepreneurs make is assuming their time is their own, because in reality it isn’t. Not if they want to be successful it isn’t anyway. It belongs to their business!
Time is your most valuable asset so use it wisely.
Popping down to the pub with some mates who happen to call round might seem harmless but it will eat into your day and the time you have available to make money.
Remember that these friends may have finished their day’s work, or perhaps haven’t even started it yet? but for you as a self employed person, time is money. It is wise never to forget that inescapable fact.
Where possible get people to visit you on business rather than you visiting them. Travel time, especially if you’re driving is down time. It is possible to maximise it though!
If I’m driving I use the time to make hands free phone calls. I will save up calls outstanding and make them while driving rather than waste time calling people when I’m at home or in one of our offices. That’s when I use my iPad to catch up on emails or conduct face to face meetings.
This week’s Monday Tip is simple…

Time is fundamental to your success, make sure you use it wisely.


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