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Where Do Ideas Come From?

Ideas can come from anywhere but I have a method which has delivered some very good ones to me over the years-why don’t you try it too!

In my study I have a large green leather chair which I have had for about 30 years or more-it reclines and is particularly comfortable, but any relaxing chair or sofa would do. I think it best not to lay down. Stay sitting but in a laid back and relaxed position.

The procedure I use can be repeated anywhere where you have privacy and peace and quiet, they are essential ingredients to the success of this method. The environment you create is more important than what you sit on as long as it’s comfortable.

Make sure that everyone in your household or office knows that you are “sitting for idea’s” and mustn’t be disturbed until you emerge from whatever room you’re using.

To make this process really effective you need this time alone so you must be ruthless in exercising that right or it won’t work for you. I usually do this after I have returned from one of my walks and use it as an extension of the mind clearing process.

Once seated continue to clear your mind. Avoid thinking about the past or the future and concentrate on the now! Let your mind drift for a few minutes. Bring your day into focus and start thinking about anything that comes to mind. If you have returned from a walk, did anything unusual happen or spring to mind as you strolled along? Did anything you saw inspire you? The important thing is to let your mind have free range to explore any possibilities no matter how daft they seem-sometimes daft ideas are the most profitable!

Just let your mind wonder and go where it pleases, but do it in a relaxed, non driven sort of way.

I do this for about ten or sometimes twenty minutes or more and then write down my thoughts. It doesn’t matter whether you have come up with anything amazing or not the very practice of taking time out and allowing your mind to relax may well produce a piece of inspiration at some other time, later that day, later that week or even later that year perhaps! It really doesn’t matter.

Try it yourself and good luck with it. You may just come up with an idea that changes your life and even the lives of many other people, so what have you got to lose?

At the very least you will get some quite time to yourself every day! That alone is worth the effort.

Remember a cluttered mind leads to cluttered thinking which can lead to a chaotic life.

Running too many programs in the background slows everything up-including your thinking!

Take some quite time to de-clutter your mind and see how much faster and clearer your thinking becomes as a result.

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