Memorable exposure to business world

Internships are something of a cornerstone for the University of the West of England’s courses, and in the words of deputy vice-chancellor Professor Jane Harrington: “Knowledge is a given, but experience and understanding of the workplace is unique and key.”

The awards, true to their name, celebrated those who took on the challenge of expanding their horizons and understanding through working in their future fields, those who distinguished themselves by utilising their given knowledge and combining it with that vital workplace experience, and those who took the extra step towards employment through UWE internships.

Waistcoats and wine were abundant as the evening started, as prospective winners mingled with their colleagues and sponsors.

Everyone was promptly ushered to their seats, filling the Bristol Suite from stage to stern, and the awards began in earnest.

Dr Stephen Fear, who was awarded his honorary doctorate by UWE, opened with an inspirational speech interwoven with personal anecdotes that emphasised how important UWE’s approach is to the UK.

“Students at UWE are the optimists of the country, the ones who can achieve anything with a positive attitude, the future.”

Winners ranged from interns who brought about positive change to the environment to up-and-coming entrepreneurs, interspersed with keynote speakers from the university, sponsors and employers, all of whom were brimming with praise for the students, that each of them graciously accepted.

“I’m almost speechless! Everyone’s been so kind and supportive; it’s been such an amazing night” Emma Travett, who won awards for Volunteering and International Student Experience.

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