Life is a journey, not a destination

I’m sure you have read or heard that saying lots of times but what does it really mean? Focusing on the result you desire rather than the activity itself can produce startling improvements in your performance and leave you time to do other things. Workaholics often have lost the ability to focus on the result and become wrapped up in the activity of work itself. Often people will decide to clean out the car which should take say 30 minutes but they get wrapped up in the activity rather than focusing on the result. They start reading bits of paper they pick up that hold no relevance to the task of cleaning out the car. They wonder whether the old map should stay or go but start looking at it anyway and wondering how to get from Paris to Cannes or start looking at an old colouring in book left by the kids. In other words they are focusing on the activity and not the desired result so instead of the task taking 30 minutes it takes two hours and affects the rest of their day.
The same can be true in business. People start looking at google with the intention of finding something out but in the process their mind wonders and they start looking at other things on the net! Ever done that? I bet you have. So have I if its any consolation. You have basically become wrapped up in the activity of surfing the web rather than the result you desired when you logged on and consequently you will take much longer to reach your destination and in some cases never will.
Focus on what it is you want to achieve and not the method of getting there if you want to increase your performance in almost any area of your life. The old saying “Life is a journey and not a destination” is true but by focusing on getting some of those mundane tasks done quicker and to better effect allows you more time to enjoy activities where they themselves are the subject of the task rather than a consequence of it.

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