Leadership is about leading by example in a measured and thoughtful way more so that by shouting,bullying and lording it over people.

Of course there are times when we need to be tough,but being tough is entirely different to being nasty.

Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany both ruled by harsh measures and for a short period were very successful at it. It didn’t last long though did it? As soon as the people were able to overthrow their dictatorships they did so and with gusto too!

Democracy has been spread wider since the introduction of the Internet. It’s now much more difficult for totalitarian regimes to hoodwink the public for long.

Personally I am prepared to accept the will of the people so will support fully which ever government is in power providing it was democratically elected.

This brings me onto the issue of The West Lothian Question. Surely there can be no argument from anyone that the English voter must get exactly the same rights as the Scottish voter.

It cannot be right or just for Scotish MPs to vote on purely English matters unless English MPs have the same rights to vote on purely Scottish matters. As this matter has been agreed favourably for Scotland so it must now be agreed for England too.

In my opinion it would be entirely undemocratic, and every Scot I have spoken to believes the same, so I am hopeful that there will be cross party support for this issue when it is heard properly in the House of Commons.

Anything other than full support by everyone would make a mockery of the Worlds oldest democracy.

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