Inspirational BBQ is a success at Britton House

Stephen & Leon Fear joined staff & residents at Britton House on Thursday 26th May for a BBQ.Britton House 4 Stephen gave a motivational speech to residents who are aged between 16 & 25 and were previously homeless.

Leon Fear said that without the facilities provided at Britton House the young people there would struggle to get their lives together.

Residents include two young 17 year old Sudanese immigrants who had fled warfare in the Sudan & found refuge & a new life in Bristol.

Danielle Bunney – Project manager for Bromford said;  “The response from customers was amazing, they thought Stephens story was incredible and gave them motivation and complete happiness today which was wonderful to see. The colleagues too felt elated with how energetic the scheme felt, it was a real pleasure to show everyone round!”

If you would like to know more about Britton house – please click here

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