House Building

It’s a well known fact that there simply are not enough houses being built in the UK to satisfy demand from an ever growing population.

The number of new-build homes being started and completed is however at it’s highest since 2008 in England so some progress is being made, but if we are to create the homes and communities people desire and need, then we must do more as an industry, but how?

Planning hold ups can and do cause issues and are partly to blame, but it isn’t as simple as just that and there are many other factors causing delays in the creation of new homes. Modular, off-site construction techniques may help speed up the process of the physical building of new homes (and commercial property too) but it has long been thought of in the UK as a kind of ‘fad’ way of construction and not one the industry has accepted by enlarge.

This is changing in some instances and I think we will see the emergence of more off-site construction in the future as there are cost benefits and potentially huge time savings in building sections of properties in a controlled factory environment rather than battling the wind and rain on site which so often causes delays.

There is a seemingly never ending demand for new homes, both to buy and rent, whether long or short term and adapting new homes to take account of the increase in the number of people working from home is something architects and developers are beginning to think more about too.  Some reports say that 1 in 4 people now work from home at least part of the time, up by around a quarter of a million from a decade ago with the total well exceeding 4 million people. The South West reportedly has the highest number of home workers in the country, and this seems to be a trend set to continue everywhere so looking at ways of making home working easy, with annexes and study space, as well as superfast broadband is crucial to future proof developments. These elements are certainly things we are thinking about in all of our current projects and we are actively looking for new sites right across the country so if you have something you would like to discuss please get in touch via in the first instance.

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