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This week, we were delighted to welcome Dr Stephen Fear into school. Stephen attended Henbury briefly in 1966. He was born in Southmead, and shared very openly with Year 11 students the incredibly difficult circumstances of his youth. Stephen described to us how his saving graces were two things: reading (literally everything he could get his hands on from the age of four), and his entrepreneurial spirit. At the age of fourteen, Stephen made a phone call from a telephone box in Henbury to a businessman in America, which turned into the beginning of a multi-million worldwide business.

As well as being very moving, the talk was an inspirational example of how ambition and determination can shape every single individual’s life. As Stephen said, none of us knows which students are going to achieve remarkable things in their lives, but we know that many of them will certainly do so: it is down to each person’s self-belief and resilience.

22nd October 2015

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