Growing Business Awards

Someone asked me recently whether I thought accolades and awards matter to entrepreneurs and businesses when surely all that matters is profit.

I replied that this view of most business people is a complete misconception.

Most entrepreneurs that I meet are giving individuals-yes, they want to make a profit – but rarely at any cost.

Philanthropy is growing as many successful business people recognise the need to give back to the society where their success is founded.

As a judge at this years Growing Business Awards at The Grosvenor Marriott in London on November 26th I look forward to again seeing the smiling faces of the shortlisted candidates for all the categories listed, and just as importantly their thousands of employees who watch from home.

Everyone feels uplifted when the person or company they work for is recognised for the success achieved by good leadership and the effort of its employees.

Real Business Magazine who organise this particular award ceremony is successful because it pays great attention to detail and takes these annual awards very seriously, ensuring that each category is carefully considered and judged.

There were some brilliant entrants again this year so keep a look out for the results which will be announced on the night.

Even better why not take a table by visiting this link….

These awards are backed by The CBI (Confederation of British Industry) and Lloyds Bank so carry huge gravitas for the winners.

If you’re an exceptional Entrepreneur or own or work for a business that you’re proud of why not enter next year.

There are many categories at most award events including “Employee of The Year” at many, which in my opinion is possibly the most important.

Judging these events is a serious business and needs to be carefully considered because the results matter to so many people.

I judged a children’s literary contest earlier this year and it was wonderful to see how the children wholeheartedly engaged with the possibility of competing.

The eventual winner of the 8 Line Rhyme  childrens poetry competition organised by the talented children’s author Christina Gabbitas (whose Children’s Poetry Book Volume 2, has been awarded The Dame Beryl Bainbridge First Time Author Award 2015) was Millie Davies, but all the contestants were winners really.

Literacy is the key which unlocks everything else we try to do so it is vitally important that we promote reading and writing skills in all our young children.

Millie age 9 from Pennthorpe School West Sussex deservedly won first prize for her brilliant poem ‘Bouncing Bananas’ in what was a hotly contested event.

Well done Millie I hope you continue writing for many years to come and become a famous and successful author. Anything is possible with a positive mind and inspirational people like Christina to emulate.

This is Millie’s poem:

Bouncing Bananas

Bouncing bananas, thats something I haven’t seen.

Do you think they are related to the runner bean?

Bouncing is good for you, so are bananas

They are certainly a lot better for you than pizza Americana’s.

If you eat some pizza, you must burn it off

But don’t just think you can eat and scoff.

Shall I bounce with it in my tummy, do I dare?

Anyway, my favorite fruit is still a pear!


Other entries and further infomation can be found here 

Success comes in many guises and financial success is not the be all and end all. Supporting our community and looking after those less fortunate matters.

I always think that supporting the bottom of anything is the first place to look when trying to lift a heavy item. In my opinion the same is true of a society so with that in mind it’s essential that economic success reaches all areas of the country.

The United Kingdom is performing better than most other western democracies as I write and after the turbulence of recent years that is an amazing achievement.

We need to keep feeding the powerful horses of free enterprise, but first make sure that the carriage of humanity is firmly attached, so that when those horses start pulling, all members of our wonderful country enjoy the ride.

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