Green Shoots of Recovery? Busy busy Bath

Have you noticed since the beginning of the new year that everywhere appears to be busy? Whether this is just a blip remains to be seen but in my opinion people seem to be out and about! I don’t know if they’re spending or not because I haven’t reviewed January’s retail index yet due to a very heavy workload but there is what I consider a buzz building up. I was in Bath today looking through the many brilliant book stores for books relating to my next book reviews and in Waterstones for example it was difficult to get to the section I wanted to look at as many people were browsing books. Whether they then go home and order online is another thing of course but even if they do they are still spending, albeit not on the high street. We visited Starbucks and had to stand in a very long line to get served. Bath Rugby were at home and will have had an influence on the numbers shopping due to the Rec (where they play) being right in the City centre but nonetheless it gave me a lift to see all the activity.

Another thing that I have noticed since Christmas is the number of posters outside businesses advertising jobs available. I have seen these posted right across the Country from Nottingham to Bristol and London to Manchester which gives me a feeling that green shoots are sprouting up across the UK. Fingers crossed!

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