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I was kindly invited today by Bromford Group to join their FutureFifty event in order to celebrate 50 years of this fantastic social business.

One of the most inspirational and informative talks I have been to in a while was held at their head office in Wolverhampton by Grant Leboff of Sticky Marketing Club ( Grant covered the subject of social media and the impact it has, or should be having, on your business or organisation. There were some fantastic insights to really get the audience thinking about how the way we interact using social media is affecting what we do and the results we achieve, both financially and socially and how it is increasingly becoming vital to have a presence online.

Perhaps one of the most stand-out aspects of Grant’s talk for me was that whether you are using social media or not, the likelihood is that your customers are talking about you anyway. This was something first highlighted to me in Shel Israel’s book, Twitterville ( which is well worth a read.

This is a very important insight because if your customers, clients or even friends are talking about you then you need to know what they are saying in order to be able to react and interact. Become part of the conversation as social media is really an extension of human nature at its best: being social.

It is not there to replace how we socialise and live our lives, but should serve as an additional way in which to express our views and market our products or services.

People vote with their feet and this is never truer than when using social media!

Grant suggested that you might be more inclined to use or buy a product or service that has been recommended by people you trust, Trip Advisor being an excellent example of this, rather than the company itself telling you how great they are. I totally agree with this and using social media effectively in your business will inevitably allow your customers to recommend you to others which is the ultimate third party endorsement and the quickest and most sustainable way to grow your businesses and thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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  • Andy Johnson

    5th June 2013 at 6:22 am

    Nice post, Leon. Sadly I couldn’t make it to the event itself but thanks to the power of Social Media I felt very much ‘in the room’ anyway as conversations and comments were brought alive through the hashtag ‘futurefifty’. A really great session from Grant with some really powerful messages.


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