February 2015 Book Review: Karren Brady ,Strong Woman Ambition,Grit And A Great Pair Of Heels

There are strong women is every walk of life but only occasionally are there exceptionally strong women,or men, come to that! Baroness Brady certainly belongs in that group of people often referred to as one offs.

Brought up in Edmonton. London, her father, Terry Brady, is Irish and made his fortune in printing and property development. Her mother, Rita, is Italian and she has an older brother Darren.

In 1995 Brady married footballer Paul Peschisolido, who is Canadian, and played for Birmingham City FC. The couple have two children, a girl named Sophia and a boy named Paolo.

In 2006 it was discovered that Brady had a potentially fatal cerebral aneurysm. In February 2006, aged 36, she underwent neurosurgery to prevent the aneurysm rupturing and was back at work within the month. She was fully recovered.

Many people know Karren Brady from her appearances on The Apprentice, with Lord Sugar, but this book was written before she became a television star.

Aged 23 she became the youngest female ever to be managing director of a publicly listed company.

We were both judges at the London Loves Excellence awards in 2013 where her ‘presence’ was immediately apparent. She is obviously glamorous, but not in an ostentatious way, steely eyed, yet with a softness which in my opinion retains her caring feminine nature.

Without doubt Baroness Brady is a force to be reckoned with and reading this book gave me many insights into a life well lived, and ends by giving the reader Ten Commandments to live by. All seem sensible to me.

Honest and alarmingly truthful, Brady takes the reader on a tour of her early life, which laid the foundation for the hugely successful businesswoman, columnist, author, mother, and wife that she is today.

How does she combine all these roles and yet remain calm and balanced? You will need to read, Strong Woman: Ambition,Grit And A Great Pair Of Heels to find out! I would rush off and buy it if I were you because this is one lady whose life is in the ascendancy.

I expect Baroness Brady to carry on achieving for many years to come and regardless of your politics, reading her book will inspire and encourage women everywhere to go out and have a go.

This shouldn’t be a man’s world, it should belong to everyone and Karren proves beyond doubt that it can be a woman’s world too.

Published by Collins & available on Amazon and elsewhere.

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