Ethical Homes, Coming Soon

With the launch of Ethical Homes imminent following the appointment of Ian Britton as Chief Executive, we have been working hard to get the business model right to make sure we deliver on our aims of providing the land required for truly affordable housing.

This is not an easy task especially given the pressures on land prices whereby often the only way for a commercial developer to make the money they require for their business to be sustainable and continue to employ many people, is to minimise the affordable element.

The knock on effect is that far less affordable housing is being developed nationally than is required, as well as housing in general. There are currently around 1.7M, yes one million and seven hundred thousand people, on the waiting list for affordable housing in the UK!

This is a national issue and one which any government is tasked with finding a solution for, but merely expecting the government to sort it all out really is just brushing it under the carpet for someone else to deal with.

Yes there is more they could be doing, but there is more that both affordable and private housing developers can be doing too, which is why Fear Group has created Ethical Homes Ltd in order to start to bring some of our initiatives in to the market place to make a real difference instead of just talking about it.

There is a lot going on at Fear Group at the moment, both within the property sector and outside of it, and some big changes are taking place, more of which will be revealed on our all-new website which is due to launch next week, and which incorporates a section dedicated to Ethical Homes. The informational film we have made for Ethical will be released soon and we hope that you will join us in some way in delivering the next revolution in housing.

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