Entrepreneurs, NEED CASH? Tips.

Need Cash? Following the announcement that UK interest rates are to remain low until 2016 there is an opportunity to raise cash from wealthy investors who are getting pitiful returns on deposit. If you are an SME looking for investors follow these tips because they will help you get someone to actually read your approach. They won’t guarantee a result but they will help get your foot in the door.

1. Keep any submission short. Wealthy investors are busy whether making more money or spending it so will not bother reading long unsolicited emails or letters.
2. Say what it is about quickly, concisely and early in the submission. Use bullet points.
3. Quote the size of the potential market.
4. Major clearly on why you are well placed to take advantage of that market. What is your USP? You must have one to be taken seriously.
5. Give all your contact details inc mobile number etc.
6. Say that you will meet anywhere they like and at a time to suit them.
7. Be flexible with what stock you are prepared to sell and the amount you expect. Leave the detail for a face to face meeting but tell them you are flexible.
8. Tell immediately what you are prepared to put into the deal. If you don’t have any cash say what you do have even if it is only passion.
9. Consider whether the investor you are approaching has more than just money to give. Contacts within your potential customer base could be worth more than money.
10. Be honest but if you believe in your product or service don’t be shy about telling them that.

One last thing. Don’t expect a quick reply, most successful people lead busy lives and sometimes it can take weeks or even months to get back to people. It doesn’t mean they won’t but pestering can lead to a “no thanks” email as its often just easier to say no.

Be concise, be honest and go for it. Make a list of potential investors and send in your proposal.

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