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It’s a well known fact that with a growing population and life expectancy increasing, that pressure on housing supply across the UK is reaching breaking point in some areas.

More and more people are finding it difficult to find a home suitable for their needs at a level they can afford, particularly close to where they grew up if that’s where they choose to be, with thousands of people being priced out to other areas or simply having to move because the right type of property isn’t available.

Realistically this is something that is not going to improve in the short term as house builders simply can’t build quickly enough with demand far outstripping supply in almost every part of the country.

Land use is a very important part of the overall picture in my opinion, and many sites aren’t developed appropriately or are underdeveloped where the surrounding infrastructure could have sustained more homes, and on the other side of the coin some sites end up over developed with additional pressure on schools and transport services.

It is a difficult balancing act but generally speaking the UK’s lack of tall buildings in city centres needs to change in my view. Cities are naturally able to cope with more people as the focus on public spending on infrastructure, and the skills required to fulfil jobs tend to be more readily available than many rural areas.

Rural communities shouldn’t have to suffer at the expense of our towns and cities though and well thought out rural housing projects, sympathetically designed for the local area are very possible rather than a one size fits all approach. Maintaining the character of an area, and improving it is crucial for the building of communities which attract people in the first place.

At Fear Group we are expanding our search for sites across the UK for the development of housing in towns, cities and rural communities and will consider previously developed sites, longer term strategic land, existing buildings, car parks, farms and estates, closed hotels and care homes, derelict buildings and disused land of any nature so if you know of anything that you think might work please get in touch through via Colin@feargroup.com in the first instance and we will come back to you within 48 hours.

We work with people in all walks of life so it doesn’t matter if you’re carpet fitter, a bank manager, a milkman, newsagent or of course a land agent! We will work with you and offer a competitive commission structure for introductions for opportunities that we are not already aware of and that lead to a successful completion.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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