Dragon Den Denial

I have recieved many calls and emails over this weekend including one from Canada, congratulating me on becoming the new Dragon to replace Theo Paphitis who is leaving to concentrate on other interests! This is news to me, and I can absolutely confirm that I have not been approached by anyone in this regard and in any event am not available due to the fact that we are in early negotiations to create a new business based programme for a rival network.

I suppose that my being Entrepreneur in Residence at The British Library pushes forward these type of rumours, but that’s all they are I’m afraid, rumours. We have our own agenda with regards to TV and I am concentrating on that for now.

We desperately need new businesses to create jobs in the private sector that will replace those lost in the public area. I am meeting with Richard Morris CEO of Heropreneurs the military charity during February with the intention of progressing our programme of assisting people coming out of the military with setting their own businesses up. Jobs are scarce for soldiers and other service people when they finish serving our Country and self employment is a real option if they go about it in the right way. That is the purpose of Heropreneurs, and the reason I agreed to become a patron. People that have given so much to protect and serve their Country should be able to expect support when attempting to enter civilian life.

Anyway going back to the Dragons Den Rumour for a minute because I have just recieved another call whilst writing this, I reiterate that I have not been approached, am not expecting to be approached, and in any event am not available at this time due to other commitments.



  • Rob

    12th February 2013 at 9:48 am

    It’s about time we had someone with a bit of personality on the Dragon’s Den panel!


  • Amar Rashid

    11th February 2013 at 7:04 pm

    Hi Stephen,

    Just wanted to say I really admire all you’ve achieved from very humble beginnings & your story is very inspiring.
    I really think you should write a book as I think it would make a brilliant read.


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