Do Awards Matter

In my opinion awards in life do matter for a number of reasons.

Firstly they recognise that the recipient has done something extraordinary. They will have sold more, exported more, saved lives in the line of fire, or perhaps just been exemplary citizens. It is for this reason that I say, awards do matter!

The night I won the award above was something I will always remember because it was totally unexpected. I had been invited to the well attended Bristol Post Awards Dinner and couldn’t even remember who invited me. Usually any invite I get revolves around judging or presenting an award to someone else. Something I really enjoy doing. This invitation had been received in my office and I just accepted.

On this particular evening I sauntered into the room alone and immediately checked the board to see which table I was on. It said table three so I made my way through the throng of people to find my seat.

I was surprised that table three was right at the front and even more surprised that it was right bang smack in the middle of tables one, two, four and five! As I took my seat I recognised Ian Axon the eloquent and well known ITV television news presenter and many other interesting people. We all had a little chat and then took our seats to let the evening unfold.

We had been really busy at Fear Group for weeks and I had thought earlier that maybe  I shouldn’t  have gone due to work pressures, but I hate cancelling arrangements so there I was as agreed.

As the evening wore on a good discussion evolved around the table so I was engrossed in that and tweeting about some of the category winners when I was astounded to hear my name mentioned  together with ‘Phonebox’ whenever I hear the word Phonebox mentioned in my vicinity it usually means someone is going to mention me. I don’t mind, I love our British red phone boxes and as my first office was based in one I owe much to their existence.

As I pulled my jacket on and tried to redo my bow tie I made my way to the stage. All I could hear was clapping and cheering. I was stunned! I had no idea and began to look around to see if I could see Leon. Surely he must have been in on the secret? It wasn’t long before I realised that he wasn’t in the huge crowd of people. Later he saw it on twitter and rang me. We were both gobsmacked!

I tell you all this, not to boast, because quite frankly I don’t know whether I deserved it or not, but to demonstrate that even someone like me who has been at many award ceremonies for other people and are experienced business people, love receiving awards.

Whether I deserve the award or not I don’t know but I do know it sits in pride of place on my desk and receiving it meant a lot to me, and I have to say my family too!

Building a business or doing something exceptional in life takes time and effort. Treating people properly with kindness and care in the process isn’t always easy, so when others recognise that you have at least tried, it is very humbling.

If you know someone of exceptional merit, in whatever capacity, put them forward for a relevant award. Whether that is an OBE, an MBE or another type of award, perhaps for helping in a hospital or saving someone’s life, or maybe caring for a disabled person.

Go online and see how you do it. It might be your mum, daughter or sister, it might be a friend or even someone you don’t know personally yet admire from afar. It doesn’t matter where they’re from or who they are,if they are exceptional in anyway perhaps it should be recognised.

Awards should not be reserved for celebrities or well known people. Ordinary people do extraordinary things every day, do you know one?

In the meantime I’m looking forward to this years Bristol Post Awards where a whole new crop of talent will be recognised for the exceptional people they are.

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