The below article was written by Stephen Farrell for Insider Media on 8th September 2017. Please click here to read the original article:

The company behind a £60m redevelopment of a former supermarket site in Newport is “hopeful” it can begin work shortly following a series of delays.

Fear Group’s proposals for the site include seven multi-storey blocks including a 601-bedroom student village, 144 homes, and an 84 bedroom four-star hotel.

Health facilities, including an 800 sq ft pharmacy, are also planned along with a convenience store and restaurant.

The company said it had been preparing to begin demolition earlier this year but was informed by the council that further bat surveys were required.

It now requires a government licence to demolish the building. The group is “hopeful that this will be granted shortly and that finally we can get this eyesore building demolished to make way for development.”

The development previously suffered a setback when a fire broke out at the former Sainsbury’s supermarket in July 2016.

The company said: “There have been many reasons why we have been unable to demolish the supermarket building, most attributed to legal process which has caused continual delays at great financial cost to us.

“All these delays and of course Brexit will mean some changes to the plans as they exist but we remain committed to developing this important gateway site into Newport.

“With the Severn bridge tolls due to be abolished next year we expect our original prediction of Newport & South East Wales becoming an investment hotspot to become reality and, after the huge financial and personal commitment by us over very many years, we intend to remain part of its future.”

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