Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea

What a joke that title is! North Korea is no democracy & certainly does not belong to its people as implied. It belongs to Kim Jong-un its childish President who at 29 is the Worlds youngest leader of a nation with nuclear weapons. The fact that that nation is not a democracy is what we should all be worried about.

I think President Obama has handled the crisis very well given the circumstances where China appear to be doing little to help. North Korea is still being supplied food and other goods across the iron road that links China with the desperate dictatorship of Kim Jong-un. In the media China are saying North Korea shouldn’t be testing weapons or threatening the West and yet it appears to me that all they have to do is stop supplying goods to them and the nasty dictatorship of the Kim Jong-un would be short lived which begs the question, why arent they applying sanctions?

I feel sorry for the vast majority of North Koreans who almost certainly would rather live in a successful democracy but are prevented from doing so by the militatry power of their existing leadership who ruthlessly run the Country for their own benefit. Many North Koreans are starving due to the economic disaster that has beset the Country since seperation from the highly successful south in 1953.

North Korea doesnt create any immediate danger for the UK unless tensions increase between The USA & China should North Korea fire on America or any of its allies. I am very glad that the most powerful nation in the World, both economically and militarily is both democratic and a friend of the United Kingdom. I am equally pleased that at the moment it has an intellegent, measured, and thoughtful leader in the form of President Obama who every day increases his stature on the World stage to a point where he has become a true statesman.

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