Daniel My Brother. Rest in Peace Little Chap.

I have been reading the harrowing story of little Daniel Pelka who was murdered by his own Mother after being starved, tortured and beaten senseless and which has left me, along with many others I suspect, numb and wondering what the hell his teachers and others were doing when he was searching bins at school for food. In my opinion they should feel ashamed of themselves, even if it is only they,who know who they are.

If the stories on both TV and the Newspapers are true then it is not only his horrible Mother and nasty stepfather that are responsible because surely his plight should have been noticed by someone. Where were social services? Where were his neighbours, where were this monsterous pairs friends, didn’t they have any?

I am not accusing any one individual but perhaps it is an indication of the selfishness in our society when a little boy,not yet five, is able to be systematically beaten, fed salt when he really wanted a drink, and locked in a cupboard because he asked for food isn’t noticed by those around him.

In my opinion no prison sentence can be long enough for his Mother and her vile partner who carried out, firstly torture, and then murder of this vulnerable little chap.

How many more little children will be beaten and tortured before the system moves away from allowing social workers and do gooders, who appear to do nothing but talk in my opinion and often feel sorry for the adults who carry out these attacks, because the poor things are alcoholics or addicted to drugs and start dishing out proper sentences instead of chasing law abiding people for not paying parking tickets or who are late paying their electric bill?

I make no apologies for feeling so strongly about this because I was that little boy aged four who grew up in impoverished circumstances on a sprawling council estate, but thankfully my Mother and Father never mistreated me like this vile pair did little Daniel. Yes, I was left alone for long periods, but never without food or drink and never locked in a cupboard. I was loved by my parents even if they never understood or were able to cope with my serious hyperactivity which saw me vulnerable and on the streets on many occasions. We didn’t have much and I spent most of my childhood living between my Fathers one bedroom Council flat and my Mothers caravan which is all she could afford to rent after their divorce when I was four but never did I feel the pain I feel for Daniel tonight.

My life could have gone either way and is precisely why I feel so strongly about this story and why I am not afraid to say that I feel a sort of brotherly sorrow for this little boy. Elton John sang the song ‘Daniel’ which should be re-released in memory of Daniel who I will always remember as Daniel my brother. Rest in peace Daniel you will not forgotten in my home.

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