Cote Brasserie, Bath

The French style Brasserie chain Cote has expanded rapidly over the last couple of years and has become very popular all around the UK.

In Bath, it replaced the former Moon & Sixpence wine bar in what was formerly Shire’s Yard, and has since been redeveloped to a very high standard and renamed Milsom Place.

The World Heritage City of Bath is home to many great restaurants, several of which are within the Milsom Place development which is an lovely mix of specialist boutique shops, cafes and bars including Jamie’s Italian (and Jamie’s Deli opposite the main restaurant) and Carluccio’s amongst others, all set in a mews style in a historic part of the city, just off the popular shopping destination of Milsom Street.

Cote is welcoming and comfortable with traditional fittings and a simple but fairly extensive menu. This particular restaurant is quite large with two levels and outside seating too.

They open at 8am for breakfast and as we were in town early decided to pop in for full a English breakfast!

They offer a very good range of breakfast dishes including French breakfast as well as English, Eggs Benedict, as well as smoked salmon and scrambled eggs which I’ve sampled before and is excellent.

Free WiFi is available at the restaurant although you have to ask for the access code which is quite long and not obviously available at the table, so has to be written on a piece of paper by a member of staff.

How long until WiFi is as readily available as a mobile phone signal? Surely we must be coming to the end of having to ask to be able to use it in cafes and restaurants.

Imagine having to ask if you can use their phone signal to make a call! It would seem ridiculous and soon I believe the same will be thought of WiFi as more and more people want to use it as part of everyday life, whether on business as we were or for a reading a book or accessing emails.

That aside, at least Cote do have it and it is free. The staff were also very helpful in giving us the code quickly.

The breakfast was delivered quite quickly and the ingredients were excellent quality, with a choice of white or brown toast on the side (we both had white which was fresh and very good), however we wish they wouldn’t garnish the whole breakfast with herbs! It kind of ruins an English breakfast in our view.

It was still good, but it’s a shame that everything has to be overdone in this way and you can’t just have a what we call a proper English breakfast!

We opted for the ‘formule’ breakfast which is £9.95 and includes orange or apple juice, tea or coffee as well as the full breakfast with toast, which is good value in our opinion.

Overall we like Cote and suggest it is worth a visit but perhaps the herbs could be on the side so you can add them if you want and leave them if you don’t!

What we ate and drank:

2 Full ‘Formule’ English Breakfasts

2 Orange Juices

2 Americano’s with milk

Total including options 12.5% service charge: £22.39




Cote Brasserie

27 Milsom Place



Telephone: 01225 335509



Fear on Food Rating: Three Forks

Triple Fork Rating


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