Cold Calling Tips

As I mentioned in my last blog Cold Calling can be a very effective way of opening new business doors but in an age where many people are fed up with being called, especially by the insurance protection industry, you need to adopt a more modern approach if you don’t want to waste lots of time.

I haven’t got the space here to write a complete ‘How To’ but hopefully some of the following tips will help you get started. Firstly and most importantly research the exact or best person to contact within the business you want to ring. If when you ring you get a ‘gatekeeper’ which could be a secretary or other employee DO NOT start trying to sell them your product or service. If you get into dialog stay focused on persuading them to put an appointment in the diary of the person you wish to visit or speak with. If they are not the decision maker you are wasting your time in trying to sell your product.

1. Make sure that your product or service is the very best it can be. I cannot over emphasis this point because whether you think it will or not it will come through in the tonality of your voice and subsequently in the congruent use of your body language when you finally meet your prospective customer.
2. Sit with a cup of tea or coffee and relax. Remember at all times that you are offering something that you believe in so whoever picks that phone up at the other end is lucky because they are about to be told about something they need or want and it will be supplied by someone (you or your business) who genuinely care and have produced it with a ‘customer first’ attitude.
3. Write a script of what you want to say but DO NOT under any circumstance read from it when you ring. Instead memorise it and adjust its text with warmth during the conversation that ensues.
4. If you get through to a secretarial dragon and she fobs you off consider whether it is better to ring off and try again during her lunch break when you might just get the boss answer him or her self! this happens quite a lot, especially in small firms.
5. Be warm and focus on whats in it for them. People are always interested in what’s in it for them more than they are in whats in it for you.

I have a new book coming out later this year which will give you the knowledge & advanced techniques you need to succeed at cold calling but the tips above should help. One final thing, when you ring be confident and act as if you have authority, but remember humility because the secretary or other gatekeeper are only doing their job and don’t know you from Adam. Speak to them as you would if you were calling a friend or colleague, with authority but without being overbearing.

Relax and keep on making the calls and perfecting your approach in the way I’ve mentioned above. It worked for me when I rang America from my Phone Box and has continued to work for all the people I have taught to do it over the last 45 years.


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  • Janell Poulette

    6th March 2013 at 3:07 am

    These are really great tips. It’s so important to memorize your script. You should also practice it with someone so it sounds more natural.


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