Club 55 St Tropez France

Club 55 situated right on Pampelonne beach in St Tropez is one of the Worlds truly famous restaurants.

I’ve been coming here since the 1980s and the place hasn’t changed much, it’s still as beautiful as ever with an easy charm.

The plot of land where Club 55 sits was originally purchased by renowned ethnologist Bernard de Colmont who travelled extensively in the 1930s & 40s before arriving in 1948 in the bay of Pampelonne with his wife and two sons.

In 1953 Bernard de Colmont decided to buy a plot of land on Pampelonne which could only be reached by a route cut through the bush by the Americans.

One day this idyllic if isolated retreat was disturbed by famous Movie Director Roger Vadim who had arrived to film “Et Dieu crea la femme” With Bridgett Bardot who stayed on in St Tropez after. They thought Bernard’s cabin was a restaurant and asked Genevieve to prepare a meal for 80 people. She agreed even though she needed to go into St Tropez itself to collect water from the fountain in Place des Lices.

Clearly the food must have been good because everyone kept coming back which inspired Bernard to create a club named Club 55 after the year in which it was created.

Two main rules were implemented at Club 55. Firstly it was accepted that the owner was not there to cook for you, if you wanted food you helped prepare it, and second was that the customer was not the most important person.

Today Club 55 is managed by Patrice de Colmont and is internationally famous but retains a family atmosphere despite its many A list celebrity customers including P Diddy, Hugh Jackman, Elton John and of course Naomi Campbell who celebrates every birthday there.

Beautiful yachts despatch equally beautiful customers to eat at one of the World’s most naturally beautiful restaurants. Somewhere that is timeless in its simplicity.

We ate a stunning dish of prawns in a delicious wine and cream sauce accompanied by rice and salad and washed down with a bottle of organic Rosé from Patrice’s own vineyard.

All in the bill came to €106 Euros with coffee which isn’t bad given the location and its place among the World’s true celebrity haunts.

We would like to give Club 55 five forks but because of the gruffness of some of the waiting staff ( not all) we can only give it four which is a shame because the food, wine and ambiance is worthy of more.


43, BOULEVARD PATCH  83350 RAMATUELLE   TEL. +33 (0)4 94 55 55 55


Fear On Food Rating:

Four Fork Rating

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