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KT Tunstall. Brilliant New Album

Ever since KT Tunstall broke into the public eye in 2004 with a live solo of her song “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” on the Jools Hooland show I have been a fan but her new album Invisible Empire//Crescent Moon is in a league of its own with some…

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Life is a journey, not a destination

I’m sure you have read or heard that saying lots of times but what does it really mean? Focusing on the result you desire rather than the activity itself can produce startling improvements in your performance and leave you time to do other things. Workaholics often have lost the ability…

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Anchor your life for success

I woke during the night thinking about what it is that creates success and happiness and believe I may have found at least part of the answer in what I call anchoring. Anchoring is well known in psychology but here I am using it solely as a way to achieve…

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Britains Got Talent 2013

Britain really does have talent & not just that shown by acts such as ‘Attraction’ who appeared & won on Simon Cowells TV show last night but among the many young entrepreneurs championed by websites such as Biz Britain which is run by young entrepreneur Matt Gubba I love…

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People Power Through Knowledgism

We live in an ever changing world where ordinary people have more power at their disposal than ever before,through the medium of social & interactive media. I attended an event at Bromfords office in Wolverhampton yesterday where the speaker was Grant Leboff. I had never met or heard Grant…

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Does President Obama like Apples?

President Obama and I have a few things in common. We both believe in our individual Country’s and in fairness and in at least a basic health cover for all. We both love our families and believe in family values, and until recently we both owned Blackberry’s. I have no…

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Teenage Millionaires & Red Phoneboxes

When I started out in business I was not quite 15. I didn’t know any influential people or have any money but I did have an idea and lots of enthusiasm. Recently this got me to thinking about teenagers today and whether there was still that drive amongst the…

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Ethical Homes & Homeless People

We launch our new brand ‘Ethical Homes’ in June. Ethical is the brain child of Leon following his visit to Cadburys village in the Midlands and we are both fully committed to what is without doubt a commercial enterprise but with a socially driven aspect running through its DNA. Basically…

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Essential Tips for Business Start Ups

Making money is high on many people’s agenda. It is hard to find any situation which is improved by being broke so earning enough to provide a decent life is something that occupies much of most peoples day and starting a business of ones own is something to which many…

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