Buy The Best

‘Time’ is the thing life itself is made of and is therefore the most valuable thing we have, so spending it wisely is essential to overall happiness and success.

I am always sad when I hear people saying “oh I’m just wasting a few hours while I wait” those hours can never be returned to you! They have been spent and are gone forever so don’t ever waste time on anything. Remember it’s your life that you’re spending!

You wouldn’t say “Oh, I have too much money in my pocket so I’ll just throw some on the floor” in the same way don’t throw away your time either.

When I give talks around the world to entrepreneurs running small to medium sized enterprises or SMEs as they are more commonly referred, I am often asked what office equipment or machinery they should buy. With ‘time’ in mind my answer is always the same. Without a moments hesitation I always say “buy the best” these days it’s easy to compare things by using Google to do your research, but remember personal recommendation is another useful tool too.

I prefer to buy things that are slightly overpowered for the particular job I need doing. Running a business is complex enough these days so the last thing you want is for your printer/camera/laptop, or come to that car/van or lorry, to break down. It costs time & money you can ill afford to spend, particularly if you’re a start up.

The old adage “Time is Money” is so true you should print the above quote out and put it on your desk!

‘Time’ is the most important and valuable thing anyone, particularly an entrepreneur, has, in his or her armory, so spend it wisely and buy the best equipment you can afford. It isn’t so much whether you can afford to buy it, it’s more whether you can afford ‘not’ to buy it!

As an example I recently replaced my old Hewlett Packard printer with this latest model from Brother. It’s a DPC-9015CDW laser printer and is so fast, versatile, and also cheap to run, that it makes light work of anything I throw at it. It’s also quite compact & attractive so fits in well. This particular machine sits in my study but I intend to buy others for various locations when the time to replace that equipment arrives. It really is excellent.

As I say “time is money” so the last thing I want is paper jams at 1am in the morning, or when rushing out the door to a meeting!

Save the hassle and most importantly save the time you will need to fix the problem caused by buying poorly built or old equipment.

Always buy the best and generally you won’t regret it.


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